Universe 4.0

Arguably our current cosmological paradigm, the so-called \(\Lambda\)CDM `concordance model’, is facing something of an existential crisis. This has largely been brought about by its reliance on the twin concepts of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and the continued inability of the observational and theoretical physics community to find viable candidates for these postulated phenomena. Whilst it is still possible that this search will eventually prove fruitful, it is perhaps worthwhile looking at the alternatives. In particular, one can argue that we should be re-examining the very foundations of our current cosmological model to find out whether a radically new cosmological paradigm might provide a better explanation for the universe that we observe. In the words of Albert Einstein (1916):

“Concepts that have initially proven useful in ordering things can easily achieve such authority over us that we forget their earthly origins and accept them as immutable givens. Thus they might come to be labelled as `necessities of thought’, `a priori givens’, etc. The path of scientific progress is often made impassable for a long time by such errors. It is therefore no idle gimmick when we are trained to analyse these long-held familiar concepts and to show the circumstances in which their justification and usefulness depend, and how they have grown out of the circumstances of experience. This breaks their all too powerful authority. They are removed when they cannot properly legitimise themselves; they are corrected when their association with observation becomes too imprecise; they are replaced by others when a new system can be established that, for whatever reason, we prefer.”

The Universe 4.0 website has been created to explain in more detail just what is wrong with the current cosmological paradigm,  and to describe an alternative model for our universe.