The Maggot and the Apple

After a lengthy gestation period, the video of the Apple and the Maggot is now complete and uploaded to YouTube:

What, you may ask, has this got to do with cosmology?  The answer is that it is one element in what is likely to be a very lengthy process of inducing a paradigm shift in the way we view our universe.  There is over 100 years of history behind the expanding universe model that we currently take for granted. It is going to take a massive leap of imagination for the scientific community and the general public to comprehend that there is an alternative way of looking at the cosmos that is not only consistent with observational data, but is also able to explain the current cosmological conundrums.  It requires a change in our perception of our place in the universe that is at least as drastic as the transition from the Ptolemaic, Earth-centric, universe to the Copernican heliocentric universe.

This short allegorical story is a first small step in that transformation. Enjoy!