More arXiv issues

After a wait of over two weeks while my submission was ‘on hold’, I finally received a communication from the arXiv administrators, basically wanting to establish whether I was a proper ‘professional’ researcher with an academic affiliation.  It would appear that they were not satisfied with my response (I do not currently have an academic affiliation) and therefore deleted my submission, inviting me to submit instead to a conventional peer review journal.    That should work well!

I was not entirely surprised by this response, having undertaken some follow-up research on the issue of arXiv censorship of non-approved authors or papers containing new physics.  So apparently if you are not a member of an academic institution, or you are an academic but have some novel concepts that you wish to communicate to the scientific community, then arXiv don’t want to know.  Just as well Einstein was not trying to publish his Special Theory of Relativity today!

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